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Pure Country - The Essential Collection



Catalogue Number: DOLTV2CD131

Year of Release: 2014


Disc One
1. Who's Your Daddy
2. Louisiana Saturday Night
3. Your Man
4. Thanks A Lot
5. I Swear
6. Proud Mary (featuring The Three Amigos) 
7. Home
8. You May Be Right
9. Today I Started Loving You Again (featuring Lorraine McDonald) 
10. Say You Love Me
11. Day Drinkin' (featuring Jimmy Buckley) 
12. Mama Courtney
13. I Told You So (Featuring Lisa McHugh) 
14. Next To You, Next To Me
15. Ol' Frank
16. The Race Is On
17. Must You Throw Dirt In My Face
18. Lovin' Her Was Easier

Disc Two
1. Two Ways To Fall
2. I Don't Want To Say Goodbye
3. Who's Gonna Dance With Sally Ann
4. Loving You Could Never Be Better
5. I Love A Rainy Night
6. You Ain't Dolly (featuring Grainne Gavigan) 
7. Dance With My Father 
8. Cajun Dance
9. If Tomorrow Never Comes
10. Walk The Line Revisited (featuring Richard Mizzell) 
11. Bandeleros (featuring The Three Amigos) 
12. Wham Bam! 
13. If It's Gonna Rain
14. Mama's Rocking Chair
15. The Greatest Gift Of All
16. I Ain't Fallin' For That
17. She's All Lady
18. One More Last Chance