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The Essential Johnny McEvoy



Catalogue Number: JMTVCD40

Year of Release: 2004


Disc One
1. Those Brown Eyes
2. Going To California
3. The Ballad Of St. Anne's Reel
4. Michael
5. When You Say Nothing At All (Duet With Alice McEvoy) 
6. Long Before Your Time
7. The Shores Of Amerikay
8. No Other Love I'll Know
9. Slievenamon
10. Three Score And Ten
11. Runaround Angel
12. Come To The Bower
13. The Ballad Of John Williams
14. The Band Played Red River Valley
15. The Old Dungarvan Oak
16. Spancil Hill
17. Waltzing's For Dreamers
18. Daniel O'Connell
19. Dawn By The Riverside
20. Nora

Disc Two
1. The Sailor
2. Where My Eileen Is Waiting
3. I Wish I Had Someone To Love
4. Boulavogue
5. Tonight You Are With Another
6. The Boston Burglar
7. The Wheels Go Round And Round
8. Fiddlers Green
9. Staten Island
10. The Rose Of Mooncoin
11. You Never Learned To Dance
12. The West's Awake
13. The Spanish Lady
14. My Own Dear Galway Bay
15. Matthew
16. My Lovely Rose Of Clare
17. Lincoln's Army
18. The Fields Of Athenry
19. The Town I Left Behind
20. Mursheen Durkin