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Jack In The Box



Catalogue Number: TORTV3CD1193

Year of Release: 2011


Disc One
Metropolis Blue
1. When The Moon Is High 
2. Ode To Ed Wood
3. Georgie Boy
4. Rooftop Lullaby
5. Bedsprings
6. No Goodbyes
7. I Aint Crazy
8. High Moon
9. Numero Uno
10. Metropolis Blue
11. Taste Of Fall
12. Wish I Was Dog

Disc Two
Broken Songs
1. Authentic Fake 
2. Ive Been Raining
3.Sweet Low Down 
4.Open your Borders 
5.Wicked Way 
6.Broken Songs 
7.Cant Get Bitter 
8.Chocolate Eyes 
9.Lost In Limbo 
10.Apes & Angel

Disc Three
The Lost Songs
1. Mack The Knife
2. Summer Wind
3. The Bulls 
4. Blinded 
5. Tremendous 
6. Strange Fruit 
7. Lazarus 
8. The Man Who Couldn’t Cry
9. Kevin 
10. White Christmas

Disc Four
Memento Live DVD
1. I've Been Raining 
2. Lazarus 
3. Doghouse
4. Happiness 
5. Ghosts of Malta 
6. Little Man
7. Lost in Limbo 
8. Georgie Boy 
9. Can't Get Bitter
10. Wicked Way 
11. When the Moon is High
12. Chocolate Eyes
13. Sun God 
14. Rooftop Lullaby 
15. Jackie 
16. Hallelujah

Special Features
Bonus Tracks - ‘Stardust’ ‘Open Your Borders’ ‘So Far Gone’
‘Sweet Lowdown’ 
Interview with Jack
Mug Shots 
Internet Competition 
Secret Chords Link
What they Say 
Discography Trailers