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Catalogue Number: DARACD025

Year of Release: 1985


1. The Woman Of The House, The Cashmere Shawl, The Coalminer, (Reels)
2. Ballymanus Fair, Father Dollard, (Hornpipes)
3. The Field Behind The Plough, (Song)
4. Toormore, Padraig O'keeffe, Mick Duggan, (Slides)
5. Padraig O'keeffe, The Blue Ribbon, (Polkas)
6. O'dowd's Favourite, Sean Reid, (Reels)
7. The Bantry Girls' Lament, (Song)
8. Miss Langford, The Red Haired Lass, (Reels)
9. Johnny Murphy, Michael Murphy, (Slides)
10. Courting Is A Pleasure, (Song)
11. The New Roundabout, Cappamore, Lena's Polka, (Polkas)
12. The Gullane Jig, The Humours Of Lisheen, (Jigs)
13. TIMES (are not what they used to be) (SONG)
14. The Phoenix Reel, (Reel)