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Shades of Johnny McEvoy



Catalogue Number: DOL3CD05

Year of Release: 2009



Disc One
1. Michael 
2. Four strong winds 
3. Sweet Thames flow softly 
4. Drums under the window
5. Nora 
6. Let me go to the mountain 
7. Jamie Johnston 
8. Travelling man 
9. Leitrim queen 
10. The maid of the sweet brown knowe 
11. The Glen of Aherlow 
12. The rose tree 
13. James Connolly 
14. The Lusmagh Fields
15. The devil and the bailiff 
16. All in all in 
17. The bells of Shandon 
18. St Brendan’s fair isle 
19. Take me back again 
20. Mursheen Durkin 

Disc Two
1. All I have to offer you is me 
2. Me and Bobby McGee 
3. San Antone
4. The suns last rays 
5. Brave mountaineer 
6. Just one more night 
7. All the good times 
8. Willie Seaton 
9. Kentucky woman 
10. But that’s alright 
11. I’ll be your baby tonight 
12. Teardrops on a rose 
13. Cotton Jenny 
14. Don’t talk to strangers 
15. Blue Canadian Rockies 
16. Happiness is you 
17. Hickory wind 
18. Jambalaya o

Disc Three
1. You seldom come to see me anymore 
2. Wedding bells 
3. Cold cold heart 
4. The old home 
5. The last thing on my mind 
6. I cant help it if I’m still in love with you 
7. I won’t be home no more 
8. The big mansion house on the hill 
9. Why should we try any more 
10. Love me once again 
11. You win again 
12. Hey good looking 
13. Spend a time with you 
14. Take these chains from my heart 
15. I’m so lonesome 
16. Someday you’ll call my name 
17. Old fashioned tune 
18. Never smelt the roses 
19. My old boat