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Catalogue Number: TORTV1156CD

Year of Release: 2003


1. All The Fine Young Men with De Danann
2. Solid Ground
3. Where Have All the Flowers Gone with Tommy Sands and Vedran Smailovic
4. Fell It In My Bones
5. Heart Like A wheel
6. Taimse Im Chodladh
7. Ramblin' Irish Man with De Danann
8. Aragon Mill
9. Sonny with Emmylou Harris and Mary Black
10. Foolish You
11. Jimmy Me Mhile Stor
12. The Sweet Forget me Not with De Danann
13. Tonight As We Dance
14. Moorlough Shore
15. Diglake Fields with Mary Black and De Danann
16. Mouth Music
17. Happy As A Baby In Your Arms